Hill End’s Artists

Hill End is the home of many current artists, who have found this remote sanctuary an inspiration.

We present below our artists currently working and living in Hill End.

Lino Alvarez

Lino Alvarez established La Paloma Pottery in 1984 and quickly became known as specialising in big pot commission work. Relocating to Hill End in 1997, La Paloma continues producing high quality ceramics, large and small, developing an earthenware ovenware and tableware range that sits on the tables of restauranteurs, Stefano Manfredi, Rick Stein and Frank Camorra to name a few.

Susan Baird

Susan Baird lives and works between Sydney and Hill End. Often created en plein air, she is known for her paintings of Hill End and other Australian landscapes. She has been the recipient of various residencies and a finalist in numerous awards, most recently including the Paddington Art Prize, The Calleen Art Award, Mosman Art Prize; and was Artist in Residence at Murray’s Cottage in 2012.

Danelle Bergstrom

Renowned for her exquisite landscape works, Danelle Bergstrom is also an award-winning portrait painter. Her painted landscapes are intensely personal renditions of the land from the artist’s travels in Darwin and Sweden, as well from around her enclave near Hill End in NSW. Meditative and transformative, the works reveal a dynamic and painterly vision of the land that fluctuates between representation and abstraction.

Genevieve Carroll

Genevieve Carroll’s still life paintings are brought together in unbounding colour within representation and abstraction inspired by her kitchen and garden in Hill End, where she runs the Hill End Press with her husband and fellow artist Bill Moseley. Carroll’s paintings have received widespread acclaim, winning the The Calleen Regional Art Award in 2014, and the Pro Hart Prize in 2015.

Steven Cavanagh

Steven Cavanagh is a photographer, splitting his time between Sydney and Hill End. His images explore the physical and psychological landscape of masculine identity and expression.

Kim Deacon

Information to come

Janet Haslett

Janet Haslett shares her time bewteen Sydney and Hill End, which is a constant source of inspiration. Haslett’s work explores ideas about the representation of landscape and history through the parameters of drawing, painting and installation. Much of her work has been inspired by archaeological sites and ancient gardens overseas, as well as the landscape and history Hill End.

Jeannie Littlewood

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Raquel Mazzina

Abstract painter Raquel Mazzina has a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in painting from the National Art School, Sydney. In 1998 she was awarded the National Art School Paris Residency and in 2001 the Painting Alumni Award. Mazzina has participated in numerous group exhibitions, and her works are held in private collections nationally and internationally. Mazzina and her partner, sculptor Hui Selwood, have been based in Hill End since 2003.

Bill Moseley

Photographer and printmaker Bill Moseley runs the Hill End Press with his wife and fellow artist Genevieve Carroll. Moseley is a leading proponent of the 19th century technique of wet plate collodion ‘tin type’ photography. This medium is pertinent to Moseley’s home in Hill End, where many of the famous Holtermann collection of wet plate images were taken in the 1870’s.

Luke Sciberras

Painter Luke Sciberras travels extensively throughout outback Australia and overseas, returning to Hill End and his studio to paint. He has lived in the village since 1998, and the landscape of Hill End remains a powerful and enduring subject for the artist. Widely recognised as one of Australia’s foremost landsape painters, Sciberras has held over 30 solo exhibiitons and is represented in public and private collections througout the country.

Hui Selwood

Hui Selwood and his partner Raquel Mazzina acquired the Embleton and Weir Cordial Factory at Hill End in 2003, establishing studios and renovating extensively. Selwood has a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in sculpture from the National Art School, Sydney. His practice investigates architectural ideas, construction and design. He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions including Sculpture by the Sea (finalist seven times).

Rosemary Valadon

In May 2003 Rosemary Valadon first visited Hill End to stay at Haefligers Cottage as part of the Hill End Artists in Residence Program. In 2005 she purchased a property, built a studio, and moved there permanently. The dramatic landscape and rich experiences of village life inform her works. In a career spanning 40 years, Valadon has won major awards including the Blake Prize and Portia Geach Award, and has had three retrospectives of her work.


Julie Williams

Julie Williams’ works explore relationships between the landscape and the built environment. Her immediate influences are the landscape and architecture of Hill End, a place wrapped in a rich history of immigration, which has become a metaphor for her personal sense of belonging. Although currently based in Singapore, Williams owns a home and studio in Hill End, where she continues to investigate the Chinese history of the region.

Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson has a studio nestled under White Box trees amid the kangaroos and goats of Hill End. A graduate of the National Art School and the College of Fine Arts, she has been based in Hill End for six years. Wilson’s most recent project, ‘Kate Kelly: Sister of an Outlaw’ travelled throughout regional NSW, Sydney and Victoria in 2015, and in 2016 she travelled to China as part of the Red Gate International Residency Program.

Glenn Woodley

Glenn Woodley has been living in Hill End for 16 years. He spent time renovating Heaps Cottage for the National Parks and now lives and works in the premises fulltime. Born in 1955 and growing up in Jamaica, Woodley’s artworks are strongly influenced by Jamaican/Reggae ‘street art of the third world’. Glenn believes every painting is a song, and every exhibition is an album, and describes most of his work as ‘visual reggae’.

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